Mindset Management Inc.

Meet the owner of Mindset Management Inc.
Kimberly Bishop
​Kim's experience in providing assisted living services spans a lifetime both professionally and personally. For 21 years, she served as the administrative program director for a non-profit corporation that serves the developmentally disabled. She was responsible for the daily operation and oversight of 48 programs in Oakland and Macomb counties. She supervised a workforce of 204 employees, maintained credentials and licenses, developed and initiated training programs, manuals, etc. While working with this company she was fortunate to participate in their Shared Lives Program. For 14 years her and her family shared their lives and home with two gentlemen with disabilities. On a personal level, her brother has a developmental disability and lives independently with supervision by her and her staff. 
She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA), a state-wide organization that advocates and lobbys for the rights of people within the mental health system. She has been a member of the ARC of Oakland County for 10 years. Both of these resource agencies provide valuable information and insight into the legislative action affecting mental health services.
She knows first hand the importance of being visible and hands on to manage the communities we operate. A hands off approach to the day to day operation of a facility dramatically effects the quality of care of the clients and the morale of the staff. The staff are the lifeblood of a community and it's performance. Staff must be respected and nurtured for the incredibly challenging work they do day in and day out. Only then does that good feeling of contentedness transfer to the clients and their feelings of security and being accepted. 
​Kim continues to expand her knowledge of the mental health system through her involvement in several industry related groups. She continues to serve on the board of directors for the board of directors for Michigan Assisted Living Association and is a long standing member of the ARC of Oakland County. She has most recently brought her knowledge to the community by joining the Ortonville Lions Club.